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A Gold trading Company In Stuttgart, Germany “Karatbars International” Reveals An Almost Magical Way To Make More Money Investing In Gold Bullion Than Investing In Today’s Real Estate And Stock Market!

He Who Has GOLD Will Always Have Money!
Discover How To Earn €150,000 Cash...And 24-Karats Gold Bars Worth €150,000 In 6 Month Or Less Through "Karatbars" Gold Business!

From the keyboard of:
Prince Bernard Olatunji
CEO: Mgi Nig. Ltd.

Dear friend,

        As you can see, I have carefully chosen the text of this letter to be  written in gold color.

      Why have I done this? Actually, there are two reasons:

       One, I have something very important to share with you that will be of great benefit to you. Something that can help you  make maximum money in minimum time. An amazing secret that can earn you  €150,000 Cash in less than 6 months . . so you too can live in luxury for all the rest of your life . . . . . and I needed some way to make sure I catch your attention.

      And secondly, since the secret I'm about to share with you is all about gold . . . . . I thought using a golden text as a little "eye-catcher" was a good idea.

         My name is Prince Bernard Olatunji. I'm the CEO of More-wealth Global Info Limited. I'm a business consultant, an entrepreneur and a public speaker. 

     More-wealth Global Info Ltd (MGI) is a reputable limited liability company registered with the corporate affair commission in 2007 with RC No 706682. At MGI, we are into the business of wealth creation and business empowerment trainings. We create public awareness on legitimate, proven and tested business opportunities that guaranty steady and multiple streams of  income that bulletproof people against poverty and secure their financial future.

      As you can see, we have come a long way, and over the years, we have used our platform to help thousands of ambitious Nigerians to attain financial freedom faster than anyone could ever thought possible, through diverse investment and business opportunity programs . . . and if you're willing, we can help you too!

       I just discovered a new proven and tested business and investment opportunity which I believe to be the most foolproof way for anyone to make huge wads of money than anyone previously has even dreamed about. It’s guaranteed to make you several million euros () every year on the internet, doing almost nothing.

        It is so simple I could teach you how to do it in less than 30 minutes. It is 100 times more profitable than investing in stock market, real estate, forex trading or whatever business or investment you could possibly think of. Belief me, it’s even 100 times more profitable than dealing drugs . . . yet . . . it's 100% legal. 

       This business requires no employees, no university degree, no special skill, very little effort and very little capital. You can do it full time or part time, you can work from home or office and believe it or not - the cash-flow from this business is as automatic and as constant as sunrise.        
 Let's cut to the chase:
       An American entrepreneur, Mr. Rashard Duncan was in Nigeria few weeks ago to share this incredible and amazing goldmine business opportunity secret with few Nigerians, who are already raking in some cold hard cash in less than 1 week of starting. Mr Rashard affirmed “Frankly, this is one of the highest paying businesses in the world and you too can start generating cash in 2 weeks or less”


  Here's the secret . . . . 

You're About To Learn The Closely Guarded Secrets That 99.9% Of The Other People In Nigeria Don’t Know About Making Money Online Through Affiliate Program!


Company Profile:

Karatbars international GmbH is a gold producing company that specializes in the production and sales of high quality, small-increment gold products available in 1g, 2.5g and 5g bar sizes. Their corporate head office is in Stuggart, Germany.
        Karatbars was founded in December 2011 with mission “to produce the highest quality gold available in the market, make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford, with the goal to help millions of people all over the world find financial freedom from the current system of debt”. 

Karatbars Products:   
      Gold is the core product. Karatbars 24karats gold come in 3 sizes of 1gram, 2.5grams, and 5grams only.  In addition to their gold products, Karatbars has several other products like: Branding gold-cards (a customized special greeting and business cards with embedded 1gram gold), Karatbars T-shirts and Polo shirts, Karatbars Champagne, Karatbars watches, bonus cards, etc.
      Gold, one of the first precious metals ever to be mined, processed and even worshiped by mankind has a history of over 5000 years. Since ancient times, gold was an important raw material. Gold was the sun of the gods. For the last 2800 years, gold has been a recurring base of currency and trade.

Gold Is Immune To Inflation:  
     A statistics confirmed that a $100,000 paper cash back in 1932 is worth merely $2000 now in purchasing power while a $100,000 worth of gold same year (1932) is now worth approximately $4,449,313. 

    We all know that most people earn a little more money each year. But can we afford to buy more as a result? The magic word here is “inflation”, and it means that the prices for all of our everyday necessities also increase with the passage of time. 

 1. In 2008, the crisis began with the real estate bubble, meaning the banks had to write off your loans. New money had to be printed.

2.The global crisis in Europe and the United States can lead to global inflation causing a rapid decrease in value.

3. In the EU, problems continue to grow. First Greece, then Spain and now Portugal need bailouts. How long can this continue?

4. In the 1900’s the dollar was backed by Gold. Today we see “Federal Reserve Note” on the dollar, it is backed by debt.

5.“Who owns gold, owns money.” A statement from Alan Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve.  With Gold in small increments you always remain flexible.

The Hedge With The Exchange Guarantee!

        In addition to cash, stock and land property ownership, experts in the financial field have always encouraged their clients to include gold in their retirement provisions and asset protection strategies. Wealthy people have always done this, earning an average annual yield of nearly 25% over the past 40 years and more than 35% in the last 10 years.

Why Is KARATBARS Offering Gold As Better
 Alternative For Investment?  

      Karatbars Is established to help you make plenty money now and also to secure your financial future by helping you to acquire more and more gold, and also help you to safeguard them for the future.
        Karatbars President, Harald Seiz  foresees and predictedIn extreme cases of hyperinflation – which have occurred repeatedly throughout history and will continue to occur in the future as well – no business, no service provider, no landlord, no neighbor and not even friends will take paper money in exchange for food, help or a roof to sleep under. Gold, in contrast, has been accepted for centuries – even in difficult times and in particular in times of crisis. He who has gold will always have money

      For most people, it is difficult to acquire ounces or more of gold. This is where Karatbars comes in with a one-of-a-kind solution. Their objective is to make gold available in small quantities – starting with just one gram – to everyone worldwide. This approach has been extremely successful. Just three years after the founding of their company, they are already active in 120 countries around the world.  


    1. Karatbars international is not just in the business of selling gold, but also into its safekeeping and securing your gold as investment for the future.

    2. The governance of global gold market is maintained  through the London Bullion Market Association. Karatbars golds meet LBMA’s standard which means these gold bars  are  currency graded and can be used as method of payment and means of exchange worldwide.

3. These gold are 999.9% pure 24karats gold bar. This is the finest gold ever, and that’s why they are the most expensive gold in the global market:

1.0gram gold  =   54.40euros        $64.05
2.5gram gold  =   124.37euros      $146.43
5.0gram gold  =   227.35euros      $267.67

I’m sure you can do the comparison yourself

4. All Karatbars 1 gram to 5gram 24karats Gold bars are:
a) Certificated and laminated with UV protective film.
b) Stamped with a valid trademark 
Founder And Owner Of Karatbars Int'l:
Harald Seiz


My Mission is to produce the highest quality gold available in the market, make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford. My goal is that Karatbars helps millions find financial freedom from the current system of debt.”  -- Harald Seiz.
What Can Karatbars Offer You?

    Karatbars International is not a ponzi scheme, pyramid or one of those online get-rich-quick syndromes that rubs Peter to pay Paul. The main product of karatbars, which is the bedrock of  their investment program is GOLD.

Karatbars Has Following To Offer:
  • Financial Freedom and independence
  • Gold as an alternative store of value
  • Free customer and free affiliate accounts
  • Generous affiliate program designed to pay a minimum of  20,000 to €50,000 weekly.


       If you’re an independent  marketer, Network Marketer, house wife, student, fresh graduate, just retired but not tired or you are simply looking for a way to earn a sizable income every week , without worrying about the state of the economy or a nagging boss breathing down your neck . . . this could be your winning lottery ticket and you can literally write your own check because making money has never been this lucrative and simple.

      The easiest and the fastest way for Nigerians to make huge cash from Karatbars business is through the affiliate program.  Affiliates bring in people to invest in or buy karatbars gold and other karatbars products through your affiliate link . . . and karatbars has a dual reward package for you in return: 

    (1) Plenty cash deposited into your e-wallet account and

    (2) Plenty gold deposited into your gold saving account.

" How Anyone In Nigeria No Matter Who You Are Or Where You Are Can Make $150,000 From Karatbars Gold In Less Than 6 Months Through The Affiliate Program"


Karatbars is an e-commerce global business, so you have the opportunity to automate your affiliate link to rake in money for you on autopilot, even when you’re sleeping. Karatbars, in a space of 3 years has spread across over 120 countries. That makes recruiting, networking and connecting to the outside world something you can do effortlessly at the comfort of your home, even right on your bed with your internet-enabled laptop or phone.

     Upon registration, you receive the follow tools to market your business: 

(1) Your personalized back office 
(2) Your Referral link
(3)Your own karatbars shop, and 
(4) your own landing page. 

P.S: Registration is free and these online marketing tools are offered absolutely free of charge when you registered.

To Register, follow These simple Step By Step Instructions 

STEP #1- Sign up for a free affiliate account: go to and register as an affiliate (not as a customer) with your own unique login username and password. P.S – Your sponsor username is bennygold1 with ID # 68578744

STEP #2 - After you sign up, the next thing is to upload your KYC documents. Karatbars requires that every affiliate upload a scanned copy of (1) your proof of ID – It could be any of these: International passport, national ID card, driver’s license or voter’s card and (2) Your proof of address – this could be a scanned copy of your bank statement or utility bills.

STEP #3: After your registration is successful and your KYC approved, the next thing is to buy a business package. P.S: although, registration is free but that alone does not qualify you to earn from the dual payment system.  For you to start earning from karatbars weekly global profit sharing, you must acquire a business package, which bring you into partnership with the company.

      Basically, there are FOUR Affiliate packages. You can acquire any of them. You can pay with your master card if you operate internet banking with activated secured code. If you don’t, contact your sponsor for help.

     P.S: How much you earn as an affiliate is determined by the package category you purchase. The VIP affiliate package is the delight of all affiliates, because it pays more than other packages. If you can afford the VIP package, by all means go for it.

Whenever you buy your karatbars affiliate package, in addition to the referral link, personalized back office, landing page you got free when you registered, you will be issued: 

 (1) an e-wallet account (this is an online virtual account   where your weekly cash is deposited, and 

 (2) a customized master card (You transfer your earnings from your e-wallet account to your master card for instant withdrawal in your local currency from any ATM machine)

 1. The Bronze package – $135 (N35,000): If you acquire this package, you earn 5% direct commission and €10 per week multiple cycles.  Karatbars will send you a portable sealed package through FedEx to the address you registered with. No gold is included in bronze package.

 2. The Silver package - $400 (N80,000): If you acquire this package, you earn 10% direct commission and €40 per week multiple cycles. Karatbars will send you a portable FedEx sealed package containing: 1gram 24karat gold bar with several other marketing resources (VCD, Product prochure, 3bonus cards, ect)

3. The Gold package - $900 (N180,000): if you acquire this package, you earn 15% direct commission and €60 per week multiple cycles. You will also receive a package containing 2.5 gram 24karat gold bar with other resources.

 4. The VIP package - $2000 (N400,000): If you acquire this package, you earn 20% direct commission and €80 per week multiple cycles. You will also receive a package containing karatbars 5.0 gram with other resources

See the picture below: 
One of the affiliates in Nigeria

1gram gold that comes with the silver package

      This is the commission you get paid when a customer anywhere in the world purchases any karatbars product through your affiliate link, or when new affiliates joined karatbars affiliate program through your link. Direct commission pumps money into your e-wallet account like invisible paymaster because you earn direct commission on customers and on fresh affiliates through your referral link.  

     For example, let’s assume you buy the Gold affiliate package, you will earn a constant 15% direct commission on the purchases made by customers and fresh affiliates who sign up through your affiliate link when they buy their affiliate package, just like you did when you joined.

    Let’s assume you sign up 100 bronzes, 100 silvers, 100 Golds and 100 VIPs. Your direct commission earnings are shown below:

Refer 1Bronze, earn 15% of $135 =  $20.25. 100bronzes = $2025

Refer 1Silver, earn 15% of $400 =  $60. 100silvers =          $6,000

Refer 1Gold, earn 15% of $900 = $135. 100golds =           $13,500

Refer 1VIP, earn 15% of $2000 = $300. 100VIPs =           $30,000

       The above calculation is done considering you bought the gold package where you are paid 15% direct commission. If you are on VIP, you will apply 20% to work out the commission you earn when you sponsor Bronze, silver, gold or VIP.

      P.S: Imagine earning direct commission from just 10,000 or 25,000 people out of a teaming 6.5 billion world population. 

      Karatbars now operates in over 120 countries across the globe. So there are plenty fishes in the ocean to make you filthy rich in no time. . All you need is a deep knowledge about effective online marketing, which I'm personally going to teach you once you become an affiliate. I will teach you all the online marketing and cut edge techniques that guaranty maximum money in minimum time. With these incredible and gun-to-the head marketing strategies, money will be hitting your e-wallet account faster than a speeding bullet.

    Apart from direct commission, karatbars also pay affiliates dual team bonus on weekly basis. 
    What is a Team?
You are not alone in this business. Remember when you sign up, you sign up through a sponsored link, your sponsor/referral. And remember your referrer also have a referrer and so on. You have come through a generational chain of referrals. You benefit tremendously from your team leaders.

The payment plan is a binary plan. Whether you are selling karatbars branding gold-cards to companies or sporting clubs, or you are recruiting affiliates, once you earn 25units on one side and 50units on other side, you are qualified for a payout up to a maximum of a 180,000 dual team payouts per week.

Your entire organization is divided into 2 teams and in addition to the direct commission package bonus; you get the Dual Team Bonus depending on your Package Status.

These calculations are based on UNITS, not points like the Unilevel system. Every sale in your organization creates units that vary in quantity depending on the product.


1g Gold generates 1 unit 

2.5g Gold generates 2unit

5.0g Gold generates 3units

Karatbars Watch generates 5 units

250 qty of brand gold-cards generates 275units

VIP exclusive package generates 300 Units 

If you achieve 50 Units with one team and 25 units with the other team then you are qualified for a Dual Team Payout, which means you get 10€, 40€, 60€ or 80€, depending on your package status. It does not matter which team has the 50:25 unit ratio, the system will maximize the Dual Team Payout in your favor.

 If you are in bronze – you earn 10. 300 cycles/week = 3000
 If you are in silver -   you earn 20/. 300 cycles/week  = 6000
If you're in gold- u earn 40/cycle 300 cycles/week = 12,000
VIP earn 80/cycle   300 cycles/week = 80X300=24,000

As you can see, you will always earn more money for same effort if you can position yourself for the VIP seat.


 1. Listen, get this straight - karatbars international is not solely a multi-level marketing company. Karatbars is an Investment solution company with an integrated multi-level marketing payment plan to enable investors generate on-going instant cash on demand to meet their immediate needs while they help you build a solid investment foundation and a guaranteed financial empire for your future. They are into business with a mission to provide a better investment and retirement option for you. 

Other multi-level marketing companies don’t have backup investment program that secure the financial future of their distributors. And that is why most mlm distributors in Nigeria lack the focus to succeed because they easily jump from one company to another because they are in for the money. 

2 PRODUCT: Karatbars international has the best product compared to any multi-level marketing company. GOLD is our product. Not just gold, the finest gold ever – a 999.9% LBMA certified 24karat gold. Wherever you talk about gold, people listen. You don’t have to go about looking for people to buy gold. The product naturally sell itself.

In Summary: 

     Gold is the Basic Security for You And Your Family And Should Exist In Every Household As Capital Protection Against Inflation And Currency Reform.  

     The good news is that anybody in Nigeria - workers, investors, pastors, students, network marketers and ambitious opportunity seekers can join and make real cool money through karatbars affiliate program. 

      And listen, you don’t have to safe your gold for many years with karatbars . There is no law binding you to do so. You have the sole right over your gold investment and you can request for it or sell it whenever you want. And the good news is this; you don’t have to go about looking for buyers, never. You can sell your gold back to Karatbars at the global gold market price.

     So if you’re tired of watching other people get rich and you’re ready to grab your own piece of the cake, here’s something that is going to change your life.

  Register NOW and set up your own karatbars affiliate account:

     For more information or question about Karatbars International gold saving and affiliate program, call me on 07039537576 or send me a mail at 

    And if you are on whatsapp, you can as well add my number +2347039537576, and you will have the opportunity to join the Nigeria Karatbars Whatsapp Group - a team of winners and millionaires where you'll have the opportunity to meet other members here in Nigeria, attend Karatbars business empowerment seminars, participate in group discussions, and so on. 

Prince Bernard Olatunji

My Contact Information
For further inquiry on any aspect of the business, you can contact me directly through any of my contact information below:

Tel: +2347039537576, +2348125578127
Whatsapp No: +2347039537576
Skype ID: majestyben1

I wish you the success you wish yourself.



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